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Hometown girl endeavors out to the Windy City, and to her surprise, she falls in love.

Before my trip, my family told me of the dangers and my friends exclaimed how much fun I’ll have. It was always just noise; I had to see for myself what this huge city was all about with my own eyes. Chicago is more than I ever could have imagined.

Not only was this my first time visiting any city larger than Tampa, but it was also my first time on a plane. Was I nervous? Extremely. Was I excited? Immensely. I was ready for my first independent adventure, and what I experienced well worth the money and time away from normal life.

I felt on top of the world the entire time. Even that plane ride there was great, the assistance I got from a random traveler during check-in, and the conversations I had with my seat neighbor made my excitement grow even larger. By the time I arrived in this immaculate city, I was on the verge of blowing up. Throughout my entire trip, my smile never left my face.


I stayed at Acme Hotel; I was pleased with my service and my room. They provided me with a complimentary coffee right to my doorstep, and their attitude was pleasant towards me. The rooms, although small, were perfect for a solo visitor. Some of my favorite amenities included bath products, Amazon Echo with Alexa, mini bar, and a loud speaker. Upon check out, they even let me store my bags behind the desk until my train arrives later that night.


I didn’t expect to be so fascinated by the food as much as I was, being that I’m extremely picky and prefer always to make my own. I could resist check out Chicago’s delicacies. Among the many restaurants in the city of Chicago, there were three that stuck out to me for their service and quality of food.

My favorite was probably a Chicago-style hot dog. I’m not going to lie, when I first learned it was unmannerly to add ketchup to a hot dog, I was quite astonished, and sure I would add it anyways, then I had my first bite. I’m not kidding when I say this: the world stopped. I didn’t say nor hear anything around me until I had demolished the whole dog. I highly recommend trying your Chicago style hot dog from Fatso’s Last Stand.

My next favorite was a deep dish pizza. My oh, my. You think you like your regular Pizza Hut pizza? You need to take a trip and get an authentic deep dish and see what you’re missing out on. I went to Giordarno’s Pizza and split a small pepperoni and pineapple stuffed deep dish pizza. I can proudly say this one a vital memory in my life as a pizza lover. It will be hard to go back to regular pizza after this trip.

The last of my favorite food memories from my Chicago trip is eating an Italian beef sandwich from Portillo’s. This was my last stop on my journey, and it was an excellent way to end this vacation. When going out to eat, sandwiches are usually the last thing I will order. I didn’t want to leave without trying it, though, and amazed was I.


During planning, I saved up as much money as I could to ensure I would be able to visit everything. But the city was way bigger and more expensive than I imagined. I did, however, select the places that peaked my interests most.

My favorite stop was without a doubt visiting the 360 Chicago at the top of the John Hancock building. I was excited for this one because this was the building my mother grew up in, I couldn’t wait to see where she ran around when she was a little girl. My ears popped on the way up, but once I was up there, it was magical. Not only was the view of the city as amazing as explained, but the sight of Lake Michigan was also absolutely breathtaking. Even for someone scared of heights like I am, this is a must-see.

Another enjoyed attraction of mine was the Navy Pier. I was able to see another great view of the city and the lake. My favorite part of this spot was the rides. Among their few, yet enticing, rides I enjoyed the Ferris wheel most of all. So large, and recently updated. The view I got to see was worth the money spent. Definitely a romantic destination when traveling with a significant other.

There was so much greatness to the city of Chicago, an amazing sight, and experience. I highly recommend planning your next trip to experience it yourself if you have not.

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