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New site here! Who are we? I’m glad you asked. We are the voice of the common, the all-seeing thoughts of our community. We’re here to provide you with our thoughts on society and general ways of living. We offer a wide variety of creative, thoughtful minds who want to share their knowledge with you!

About Samie

Samantha Yates is a writer who wants to make the world a better place one word at a time. This young, ambitious writer is determined to enlighten the world with her writings for people who are unable to see the world for what it should be, and not what society tells us it needs to be. So many people in the world are clueless to the world around them, blinded by the glamor of money that they completely forget to smell the roses. Samantha's mission is to bring back life to the world we live in by enlightening her readers through written word.

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