Here goes everything..


I’m the type of person who gathers ideas and runs to the top with it. I can never just do the bare minimum, it needs to be perfect. It needs to be the best. I need to be the best. It’s a blessing and a curse if you ask me. It gives me an advantage to slackers, but I always find myself competing with other people for absolutely no reason.

With that being said, I am brought here. Starting up this website in hope of making it the best it could possibly be. I bring this site to you with all confidence that it will turn into something great.

I want to thank you ahead of time for exploring my site and reaching this introductory post, please subscribe in the sidebar and let us know if the contact form what you want to hear and see. With a range of content adders and more to come I perceive something truly amazing.

About Samie

Samantha Yates is a writer who wants to make the world a better place one word at a time. This young, ambitious writer is determined to enlighten the world with her writings for people who are unable to see the world for what it should be, and not what society tells us it needs to be. So many people in the world are clueless to the world around them, blinded by the glamor of money that they completely forget to smell the roses. Samantha's mission is to bring back life to the world we live in by enlightening her readers through written word.

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