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Meditation Exercise


Meditation has always been vital to my survival.

I’d like to take a minute to help you form serenity in your mind to release any stress and tension you’ve built up. Let this post act as a guide through your first journey to peace. Adding meditation to your lift can be highly beneficial to your overall well-being.

Imagine Tranquility

Imagine yourself within an all white expanse, free from all clothes and thoughts. Free from all of your worries in the world, from the sleepless stress you’ve grown to detest. Open to the soothing warmth embracing your skin, safe from disaster.

You feel a tingle in your toes that sends shivers up your legs. Your knees quiver, toes curl. A mysterious energy flows through your stomach to your chest sending the smell of coconut to your nose. You feel complete euphoria, pleasure unexplained.. unimaginable. Unbelievable.

There are no light sources, yet you can still see clearly as if the bright of day. You find yourself standing in the middle of the area, fully conscious of the energy swimming inside of you like auras of feelings and moments submerging your mind into a peaceful state of awareness. Breathe in and let the energy flows to your head, stretch your arms upward and let the energy leave your fingertips to the north. The beautiful beams of energy dance upward painting scenery, revealing a bright blue sky. Close your eyes and feel the falling sunshine and a bracing wind.

Bring the awareness back to yourself. Open your eyes and watch as more gleams of energy chased each other around your body starting at your toes all the way up your body and feel the texture develop underneath your toes. Soft, yet grounded. Look down to reveal warm sand underneath your bare feet. Wiggle your toes and watch as the energy starts moving onward, this time, different shades of blue.  A landscape begins to appear as the smell of salty waves overcome the area around you. Expand your arms outward, and the energy flows out of your body.

Let the feelings of power and euphoria overcome you and arise as if the gravity dissolved out of the atmosphere.



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Samantha Yates is a writer who wants to make the world a better place one word at a time. This young, ambitious writer is determined to enlighten the world with her writings for people who are unable to see the world for what it should be, and not what society tells us it needs to be. So many people in the world are clueless to the world around them, blinded by the glamor of money that they completely forget to smell the roses. Samantha's mission is to bring back life to the world we live in by enlightening her readers through written word.

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