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Wandering Souls


“It all started as a dream… We dreamt that one day we could express ourselves through our art and inspire the world around us. This is only the beginning of turning that dream into a reality.

All hat pins are our own original designs and all pendants are handmade. Absolutely everything that we create has our heart and soul in it and we can only hope to spread that love as far as you will carry it. Starting a small business has definitely not been easy but we want to thank you all for your continuous support. 

Stay weird. Stay grateful. Stay you. 

Much love.”

Wandering Souls is a unique up-and-coming shop that features products ranging from handmade items such as jewelry, art, hat pins, sun catchers and much more! Their products are exceptionally alluring, thoughtful and unique.

Their jewelry features pendants made with high-quality wire and various stones and crystals. Not only are these breathtaking pieces, but completely original and one-of-a-kind. Wandering Souls creates items that are significant to their vision and your request.

Furthermore, not only are their products of top quality, their customer service is top-notch as well. They are easy to contact, quick to return a message after an inquiry and extremely kind and professional. Their website and facebook page is easy to access and navigate, making your purchasing process quick and simple.

I highly suggest consulting with this shop to get your next favorite item.

Click the link below to view their sites.

Wandering Souls

Wandering Souls Facebook

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